Commercial Roofing

Prime Building & Construction specializes in commercial roof repair, replacement and installation. Our professional commercial roofing teams have repaired or replaced Some of the largest and most iconic roofs in the St. Louis region. From manufacturing facilities and industrial plants, to churches, schools and retail spaces, we have the experience, expertise and technology to install, restore or maintain any type of roof system, while ensuring minimal to zero impact on your daily operations.

At Prime building & Construction, we offer a wide variety of Roofing Products to ensure that you get the absolute best solution for your commercial roofing system.


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What is TPO?

So what is this TPO everyone is talking about? There is an ever increasing demand for durable yet lightweight and energy efficient roofing systems. TPO roofing systems were created specifically to meet that demand. Because these single ply membranes offer superior resistance to UV damage, the elements and chemical exposure; TPO is quickly becoming the commercial roofing system of choice- especially in the Midwest
TPO is short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin which refers to polymer blends containing various mixtures of rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene and reinforcing filler. TPO roof membranes are a blend of polypropylene and ethylene propylene polymers encapsulating a reinforcing sheet of polyester membrane.
TPO membrane is modified with UV absorbing agents, flame retardants and other proprietary substances designed to produce superior physical properties. At Geisler Roofing, we value your time. Give us a call and speak directly to a manufacturer certified expert who can answer your questions immediately. You may request product samples, system mock ups and literature.

Energy Star TPO Roofing:

TPO Roofing is Energy Star rated, EPA cool roofing. Cool roofing systems, sometimes called green roofing, qualify for the federal energy tax credit. That means that in addition to saving you money on cooling bills, the government actually helps to pay for TPO roofing systems. Browse this section to learn more.
OTHER Roofing Systems
Also, keep in mind that we install more than just TPO.

Other Single Ply roofing systems including PVC roofing and EPDM rubber roofing. A.P.P Modified Bitumen (Torch Down Roofing) or S.B.S. Modified Bitumen (Mop Down Roofing).
Thermal Roof Coatings of all types. This also qualifies as Energy Star rated EPA Cool Roofing.
Built-Up Roofing (BUR), Hot Tar, Hot Asphalt or Tar and Gravel roofing.
Metal roof repair and replacement.
Roof leak repair.
Metal roof coating.
SPF spray foam roof repair and replacement
Installation, replacement or repair of all types of roof decks.
Free roof consultation
Insurance claim consultation
Flat roof coatings
Aluminum roof coatings
Energy saving reflective roof
R-panel metal warehouse roofing, repair and replacement
Ceramic, urethane and modified acrylic roof coating systems
TPO Roofing Manufacturers
Browse for information on TPO roofing manufacturers including Mule-Hide and Genflex. We’ve been trained and are certified by all these manufacturers. No other commercial roofing company in Central Kansas matches our commitment to excellence in the application of TPO roofing systems.
TPO roofing manufacturers work to continually improve their product. There is a delicate balance between UV stabilizers, flexible plasticizers and other components and each manufacturer keeps their formula a proprietary secret. The TPO membranes of today are miles ahead of the membranes produced 20 years ago.

GenFlex TPO Roofing Systems:

GenFlex is a subsidiary of Firestone, GenFlex TPO roofing systems have long been the standard because, quite frankly, Firestone is a very large and highly respected company. It’s comforting to know that a global, multi-billion dollar business is backing your roof. GenFlex produces a complete line of single plies including TPO, PVC and EPDM.
At Prime Building & Construction we are certified by multiple manufacturers to install every major roofing system. We factor the same overhead and profit into every estimate regardless of the brand chosen by the Owner. As such, we call it like we see it. Ultimately, we want to install the system that performs the best and costs us less in call backs and warranty expense.
For honest, expert evaluation of your unique conditions complete with value based roof repair solutions, call. We will provide multiple options based on your preferences and discuss with you frankly what to expect from each one.